Technology Project Management

With a Registered Communications Distribution Designer on full-time permanent staff, we are often asked by clients to coordinate and manage technology projects that relate to information transport system requirements. We have found that our clients have the best overall experience with their projects when they involve us early in the conceptual and planning stages and continue to keep us engaged in the project all the way through completion.

Network Design & Specification Development

If you have the need or desire for a design/build approach to your cabling requirements, Premier Cabling Solutions can and will exceed your expectations at every level. We have a Registered Communications Distribution Designer on full-time permanent staff to assist you with the design and implementation of your information transport system needs.

Our relationships with industry-leading infrastructure equipment manufacturers are the envy of our peers. Simple local area networks, extensive converged communications environments and wide area network deployments are well within our capabilities. Computer rooms, network operation control centers, server farms and technology collocation facilities are designed and implement by our staff with an emphasis on quality, reliability, budget control and adherence to your implementation schedule. Our staff can assist you with developing network specifications to meet the exacting demands of every network electronics manufacturer.

Shop Drawings & As-Built Documentation

Frequently public works and other major construction projects require the issuance of shop drawings and as-built documents to verify deployment intent of specific system designs, as well as to memorialize completed work in order to maintain proper facilities records of all installed systems on a premises or campus. Premier Cabling Solutions provides these extensive and highly-detailed services on all such projects where these requirements exist.

Network Technology Installation & Consultation

We are frequently asked by leading network integration specialists, both hardware and software, to assist them with deployments that are reliable and trouble-free. This ongoing experience gives our staff valuable insight into the talents and competencies of each of these specialists in many areas of computer and communications network integration.

Premier Cabling Solutions frequently partners with best-in-class network integrators to meet the unique network integration needs of our clients that exist beyond the cabling. Much like various medical specialists in a hospital environment are utilized to provide the specialized care each patient needs, we tap the best talent available when our client’s information transport system requirements extend outside of the cable plant. Our staff is skilled in providing the coordination of these services on your behalf, leaving you with a single point of contact and accountability for the success of your technology installation.

Network Technology Relocation Services

If you are expanding, downsizing or simply relocating your network technology to a new space, Premier Cabling Solutions can coordinate these activities on your behalf. Far more than “Bag and Tag” services that simply wrap your technology devices and mark the bag where they should go in the new space, Premier Cabling Solutions can evaluate your needs in the new environment, develop an action plan, prepare the new location to properly accommodate your technology and manage the relocation of your network to meet your specific requirements.


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