Structured Cable Plant Installation

Whether you need simple network cabling in a small office, high-bandwidth enterprise-wide network connectivity for power-users or wireless networking, Premier Cabling Solutions has the best approach to meet your needs and your budget. All types of data cabling, telephone cabling, security system cabling and low voltage specialized systems cabling are installed by our own technicians in a wide range of business, government, educational, entertainment and medical environments.

We are value added warranty providers for the best cabling and connectivity manufacturers in the business, including solutions that provide unimpeded throughput speed up to the true capacity of the active electronic equipment you are using. No other company in Southern California is better qualified or better prepared to meet your structured cabling plant needs, regardless of the size, scope, budget or schedule of your requirement. Whether it is a large requirement or simply a few additions, moves or changes to your existing cable plant, Premier Cabling Solutions is your best choice.

Fiber Optic Cable Plant Installation

With extensive field experience in fiber optic cable plant technology, the technicians at Premier Cabling Solutions provide world-class solutions to meet fiber optic cabling requirements in a wide range of business, government, entertainment, educational and medical environments. Our certified design and technical installation staff members are always up to speed on new fiber optic cabling and connectivity technologies. All of the required fiber optic terminating and testing equipment is in-house and owned by us, which gives us a significant advantage in responding to your fiber optic installation and service requirements and helps us keep your costs to a minimum. Many other companies must rent this equipment on an as-needed basis.

Premier Cabling Solutions is a value added warranty provider for Corning Cable Systems, well known to be the leader in fiber optic cabling technology. Corning continues to develop form factors and methods to conserve space needed to route and connect fiber optic cabling, as well as to provide the kind of available bandwidth and ease of administration you require to stay ahead of your growing and changing requirements.

Changes To Existing Cable Plants

Some of our most loyal clients have been introduced to us as a result of small changes they need to an existing cable plant installation. We embrace these opportunities as a way to show you what it’s like to do business with us. Regardless of the size or type of your cabling plant, additional cable, cable relocations and other changes are part of what we do every day for many satisfied clients. Rates for our services are provided to you before we begin, and we are always pleased to answer any questions you may have about making the changes you require, whether it is before, during or after we accomplish the changes for you.

Complete Cable Plant Documentation

Every cabling plant originally installed by Premier Cabling Solutions is extensively documented and labeled to provide the greatest ease of administration. If you have an existing cabling plant that has inaccurate documentation or the documentation has been forever lost, our technicians can provide hourly service to test, identify, label and document the cabling you already have installed.

Category 5e/6/6A Cable Plant Testing

If your existing cabling was installed properly, our technicians can provide standards compliancy testing to Category 5e, Category 6 or Category 6A standards as published by the Telecommunications Industry Association. We are also able to provide testing and identification of existing telephone cabling within your enterprise, whether it be telephone station cabling, building riser cabling or campus backbone cabling. Printed test result documentation is provided for our clients in either printed form or in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format for ease of reference.

Category 5e/6/6A Cable Plant Certification

Premier Cabling Solutions can provide you with printed test results from copper cable plant tests to certify whether or not an existing cabling plant meet Telecommunications Industry Association published criteria set for minimum required electrical performance of the installed cabling.

In the case of manufactured-specific warrantied cabling solutions originally installed by Premier Cabling Solutions, network throughput speeds are also field verified by trained factory technicians who use active test equipment to characterize actual Ethernet traffic health and accurate throughput speed in the completed network running the end-user’s electronics. No other local area network cabling system manufacturer offers this kind of verification of claims and added value.

Fiber Optic OTDR & Power Meter Testing

Should you have existing fiber optic cabling that requires testing, our technicians can provide both Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) testing and Power Meter testing services on fiber optic cabling of all types and all common connector form factors. Printed test result documentation is provided for our clients in either printed form or in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format for ease of reference.

Fiber Optic Cable Plant Certification

Being a value added reseller and warranty provider for Corning Cable Systems, Premier Cabling Solutions can provide Corning’s industry leading warranty on new fiber optic cable plants we install.  In the event that you have an existing fiber optic cabling plant that you need to certify as meeting your specific published requirements, our technicians can provide hourly service to accomplish the necessary testing and documentation to either assure you it meets your stated requirements or to inform you of what materials and labor would be required bring your fiber optic cabling into compliance.

Outside Plant & Campus Cable Installation

Our technical staff has the depth of experience and the proper equipment within our inventory to properly address your outside plant cabling and campus cabling requirements. We are up to date on the most recent OSHA requirements for manhole environments and are factory authorized dealers for a large array of building entrance equipment. High pair count copper cables, specialty underground coaxial cabling and all types of fiber optic underground cabling are available to meet your specific present and future requirements. Fiber optic fusion splicing and high pair count copper outside plant splicing is accomplished correctly and in keeping with established industry standards with the proper parts and equipment to assure long term reliability and extended future serviceability.

Obsolete Cable Plant Demolition & Removal

Recent laws and building codes require the removal from occupied structures of low voltage cabling that is no longer in use or not to be utilized in the near future. Across the United States there have been many injuries and deaths over the years from improperly installed cabling remaining in ceilings and other building spaces that accumulate over time and create dangerous hazards from falling ceilings, diminished fire retardant properties and other serious concerns. Premier Cabling Solution technicians are trained and experienced in the removal of abandoned and/or otherwise unwanted low voltage cabling while preserving the cabling currently in use and other existing cabling slated for near future use.


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